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5 things to Think About Before Buying a Ring

Updated: Feb 15

What Style Ring Pulls Your Attention?

When choosing a style of ring there are some options to consider before you make a final decision. For instance, there are round diamonds, Princess cut, oval, marquise, and emerald cut. With this, each stone has its unique quality and makes your finger look different.

So, some people believe they may have short fingers, so they are going to choose a style that they feel looks best on their fingers. It all just comes down to what is the preference for you. What does that ring signify to you? Let's have a look at some of the options to choose from.

Solitaire, Channel, Bezel, Three-stone, Pave, Vintage inspired, Prong, Halo, Split shank
Popular ring setting styles

Stone Settings

(Let's take a closer look at just a few options to consider)

Bezel Setting

Bezel setting of a diamond ring.
*Bezel setting*

This is a type of ring setting where the metal is wrapped around the stone. It protects the stone depending on what you do most.

Usually, nurses like this kind of setting because it’s smooth and goes over gloves quite easily. No worries about scratching or getting caught on things. This is a very common setting and is quite elegant.

Tiffany Setting

Tiffany ring setting
*Tiffany Setting*

A Tiffany setting is a taller mounting head typically a 4 or 6 prong that holds the ring in place. You should keep in mind that wearing these rings frequently may require more maintenance because you may bump or knock around the prongs.

Getting these checked every 6 months is best. Many jewelry stores provide free checkups, which that has been a tradition at Vernon Jewelers for over 100 years. 

Tension Setting

Tension ring setting
*Tension setting*

The tension setting is another

beautifully unique setting. It leaves the sides of the stone exposed lets

the light in more and gives the fire!

But keep in mind, when you need to resize the ring, there is a chance the stone may come loose and you may have to reset the stone which can be common.

So be sure to have your jewelry checked every 6 months for maintenance and a FREE cleaning.

Channel Setting

Channel ring setting
*Channel setting*

This is another great setting that

is common and most Jewelers like to work on these types of rings because they sit low in the ring protecting the stone and more excusable to work on and is good to wear every day.


What Types of Metal to Choose From?

14k white gold, 18k white gold, palladium, platinum, 14k yellow gold, 18k yellow gold, 14k rose gold, 18k rose gold
*Common metals for rings*

There are about 3 different types of the most common

metals to choose from that are quite durable. You can choose white gold, yellow gold, silver, or even gold platinum.

Starting with platinum, this material is very durable and wearable metal that is dense and will outwear any white gold or yellow gold ring.

However, it may not stay shiny, so some people will choose white gold that will keep that shine. Everyone will have their personal preference so it all depends on what you would like the best.

Fitting Wedding Bands.

Wedding bands at Vernon Jewelers
*Wedding bands*

Will the engagement ring fit with our wedding rings?

This question gets asked a lot. There are so many different styles of wedding bands and different engagement rings to look into. You can go with a solitaire, channel set band,

solid band, or even a shared prong with diamonds.

There are so many options to

consider so we recommend looking at a few options of what may tickle your fancy.

We are even able to design in-house custom-made rings, so there are quite a few

options to consider.

Will My Ring Have a Guarantee?

Quality, reliability, service, sales, warranty

That’s the life time question “Will my ring have a guarantee?” will you be there to make sure we are being taking care of if something happens to my ring? Vernon Jewelers has been in the jewelry business for over 130+ years!

We are a 3rd generational family caring on the

Vernon Jewelers name to provide you with the quality products and service’s you

would come to expect at your small-town jewelry store. Here at Vernon Jewelers, where its the little things that matter since 1884.

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