Chris Anderson

All my life I've always enjoyed working with my hands creating art object has been my passion since childhood. Whether the medium wsa clay, wood, or metal. Little did I Know it would lead to a lifetime career. Through my childhood I worked off and on with my Father Gary Anderson and Grandfather Richard Roth who once told me that I would one day be a jeweler. I enrolled in 2001-2002 at Texas Instituete of Jewelery Technology in Paris, Texas Where I studied Jewelery Tech. and became JA Certified. I Then came to work for our very own family buisness in 2004. I then combined my skills apprentice under Keith Swartz. I have gained more knowledge as the years go by and learn new things day to day been working with company for over 9 years now operating Junction City KS location. In 2008 I placed 2nd plaqce in Kansas in Jewelry Design my catagory of Jewelry Design.