Thinking Christmas? Neither are we.....

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Of course it's too early for Christmas, but it's never to early to get that perfect gift! We will be adding all kinds of new inventory over the next few days, and we sure hope you enjoy browsing with us!

Anniversary sale!

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It's that time of year again!!! Celebrating 130 years we are offering 30% off all in store purchases!! Take advantage of our interest free layaway for one year and set something aside for Christmas now!

If it ain't broke, get it checked and cleaned!

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We here at Vernons have a unique and extremely special repair center. Both of our Jewelers have been at it for over 30 years. They will gladly clean and check any piece you have at no charge to ensure that your jewelry stays looking the way it did the day you bought it. We also service and repair just about anything, everything is done in-store.You never have to worry about anything being shipped out, or sent off to another company. So bring it in, have a look around while we check those prongs and get you shined up like new!...

Fathers Day

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We have mens gifts available and mens watches at 50% off while they last! Come in for a special fathers day treat for dad!

Special Moments

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How do you define a special moment? How do you remind yourself of the little things that mean so much? Rembrandt Charms is a great way to celebrate the special moments in your life by adding a charm in gold or silver. A dancer for her first recital, A birthstone babyshoe for each grandchild, or even a mustard seed for good luck! Make it special, and customize it to make it your own!